Current Projects

“Judging by the projects displayed at the Conference, only some of which are mentioned here, there is an ever-renewing enthusiasm for communicating science. So it may be a matter of channelling it rather than trying to make everything fit some master plan for achieving science engagement on a national or even global level. In the end, people are engaged, if at all, with a particular piece of science in a particular context, not with science as a giant abstraction. So horses for courses may remain the best general advice about how to do it.”


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Wellcome Trust

As part of their highly-respected programme of public engagement with science, The Wellcome Trust identified the need for an international conference bringing together charities, education organisations, museums, industry, researchers, scientists, government and their agencies. Hern Communications was appointed to manage the two-day conference working in close partnership with the project team at The Wellcome Trust.

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Extract from the conference report