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The launch event needed to serve several purposes: provide a thank you to those supportive organisations; create a high-profile platform for the funders of the Centre; secure further partnerships; promote the Centre to future users of the STEM materials; and further establish the Centre as a leading organisation in shaping the STEM Agenda. We created the stakeholder guestlist, drawing on our stakeholder database, and managed every aspect of the event.


The national programme of STEM conferences for senior leaders was a requirement from the Department for Education, to promote the STEM Agenda to schools. We delivered the first of these events and created a template for further regional events. The London event was hosted by BP plc at their international headquarters. Through a targeted campaign we secured the attendance of over 60 heads creating a vital and useful event.

National STEM Centre

Hern Communications worked closely with Sir John Holman and Jenifer Burden to develop a series of events and publications to establish the STEM Cohesion Programme and develop the profile of the National STEM Centre including:

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Embedding the STEM Agenda within schools and colleges is a key focus of the National STEM Centre’s activity. We edited and designed a series of publications offering an introduction to STEM and further resources, including case studies.

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