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The Big Bang London 2012 saw over 2,000 young people enjoy a day of hands-on STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Organisations including Imperial College, GlaxoSmithKline, Barts Hospital, Science Junkies and Apple offered an insight into the excitement of studying and working in STEM.


The Big Bang London 2013, hosted again at Westminster Kinsgway College Kings Cross on 3 & 4 July, promises to be another inspiring event. It is open to all schools and is free to attend. For more details visit

Current Projects

The Big Bang London

Stimulating Physics Network

Funded by the Department of Education, this engaging programme is delivered by the Institute of Physics and Science Learning Centres to support teachers of physics with the aim of increasing the take-up of physics post-16. Hern Communications manages the promotion of the network, developing national activity and working with the local officers and Physics Network Coordinators to create tailored regional activity and connect directly with schools.


To find out more about the programme you can view the latest national newsletter PDF here or visit

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To give students the knowledge and skills they need as both citizens and scientists of the future, it is vital to bring cutting-edge research into the classroom. Few areas of scientific research have seen such a rapid development in the last ten years and have such an impact on all our lives, as modern genetics. Hern Communications is working with Nowgen to promote their portfolio of free genetics resources that help bridge the gap between research and education. Read more >


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Nowgen Schools Genomics Programme